NZ Racing Speedshow 2016

NZ Racing Cars enjoyed a fantastic  two days at the CRC Speedshow.

With a brand new Camaro on the stand and a bonnet off the new Mustang, show goers had a chance to get up close and personal with the pocket rocket racing cars.

One of the main talking points was that these NZ Racing Cars are NOT related to the Star Cars of NZ, and once they were viewed up close it was easy to see the difference, with all quality parts and quality engineering.

Some who opted to take a seat in the cars were surprised at the space and comfort, even a gentleman of 6’2″ had no trouble climbing aboard.

Andrew Waite showed just how fast and nimble these cars are in the outside arena footing against some high horsepower machines.

NZ Racing Cars would like to thank the organisers of the CRC Speedshow for another great event and we look forward to show these cars off at the Hampton 101 in October for more information check out

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